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Phase 1: Discover

Learning about your organization and achieving your goals begins with an exceptional understanding of your branding strategy. Knowing how you want to use your mascot helps determine several aspects of the design and ensures we provide a finished product that both visually and functionally meets your requirements.

If your organization has an existing logo or character concept we will design a life like mascot to bring your idea to life.  Our team will also work closely with you through the discovery phase to design a mascot from scratch if no pre-existing concept has been developed.


Below is a sketch provided to us from Wheaton College. They came to us in 2011 with an idea for a mastodon mascot to represent their nickname, The Thunder.

Drawing with notes of Tor, courtesy of Wheaton College

Colossal yet cuddly. Awesome yet accessible.

These were the challenges presented by "Tor", the largest, and first two-person mascot produced in the history of The Olympus Group Mascot Department.

Collaboration between the Wheaton College Athletic Departent and over a dozen sketch artists, sculptors, foam and fabric engineers and costume designers was critical to the success of "Tor". His size, shape, color, texture, movement requirements and personal traits were based on direct input and selections made by the college. Olympus Group then went to work on the design, material selections and construction of this massive mastodon. A few weeks later, "Tor" arrived.

Deliberate decision-making, innovation and expertise are the hallmarks of The Olympus Group Mascot Department. Careful attention to features including weight, balance, vision, movement and interior environmental conditions are essential to the functionality of all mascots. "Tor" provides a safe, comfortable environment for the performers, enabling them to delight audiences with "Tor's" furry, fun and formidable presence.

Imagine It. Done.

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