How do I get a quote?

Contact our customer service department and a member of our team will discuss your needs and provide a quote for your project. They can be reached at 800.558.9620, or via email at sales@olympusgrp.com.  You can also request a quote here.

 How do I upload my mascot image?

Images can be sent via email at sales@olympusgrp.com or you can upload your artwork here.


 What is your lead-time?

Our lead time can vary greatly from one project to the next, depending on how complicated it is. Your sales representative can give you a specific lead-time based on your project.  Production time is generally between 4-6 weeks from the time we receive approvals on the sketch and fabric swatches.  Have a specific deadline? We will do our best to ensure your project is received on budget and on time. 

 Before I call, what information will my sales rep need to know?
  • What type of budget are you considering for your mascot?
  • What is the climate your costume will be used in?
  • Will the costume be used mostly inside, outdoor, or both?  Will it need to fit through an average 34” wide doorway?
  • Will the performer be extremely active or more of a “meet and greet” character?  (i.e., hand out coupons, shake hands, dance, or skate, etc.?)
  • Is the mascot interacting with young children or a variety of age groups?
  • Will your costume need to be transported to multiple locations on a regular basis?
  • Will you have a designated performer or will several individuals be involved?
 Are there Mascot Guidelines for Performers?

The first rule is the most fundamental:  MASCOTS DON’T TALK!  One of the best ways to develop a character’s personality is lots of practice, both at non-critical events and in front of the mirror in full costume.  Performing in a mascot costume is very physical, so you must be in good physical condition and be sure to drink plenty of fluids before the appearance.  Check out these Mascot Guidelines for Performers.

 How can you successfully market your mascot?
  • Embed your mascot, as a symbol, in the minds of your consumers.  Include your mascot in your marketing pieces, promotional items, advertisements and events.

Bonus Tip:  Create an event around your mascot – have a contest to name your mascot or something as simple as a coloring contest of your mascot, in order to create a viral campaign and get consumers involved.

  • Remember that the power of a well-executed, cohesive campaign is through the push of the branding and consistency of the message.
  • Take your mascot outside of the organization.  Consumers want to interact and associate with a brand – your mascot is the perfect vehicle to make that happen.  Make your brand the one people remember by getting your mascot involved, high-fiving, and dancing with the consumers.

Bonus Tip: Contact local sports teams to see if they have any mascot events and/or ask what local events their mascot is involved in.

  • Get involved in the community.  Participate in local parades and charitable activities.  Plan on doing visits to your hospitals or join in runs and races.  Often times there are opportunities to participate in a mascot sporting event (soccer, basketball, etc.) during the half time of a local professional sporting event.
  • Send a press release to your local newspaper or TV stations announcing the birth of your mascot.
  • When launching a new product or special, get your mascot out in front of your store to draw attention and bring people in. 
  • Utilize the technology of today to re-introduce old characters in new ways, or make a huge splash introducing a new character.  Digital media can be used to your advantage as additional avenues to enrich story-lines of the character.

Bonus Tip:  Your character can have his or her own blog, YouTube channel, Facebook or Twitter page.

  • Have FUN with it!  Mascots are intrinsically fun so make the events and marketing avenues used to promote your character equally as exciting and interactive.
  • Build a mascot family – add new characters.

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